30 October - 20 November 2021:
"Painted from life"
Agardh & Tornvall Gallery, Sibyllegatan 65 Stockholm, Sweden. www.agardh-tornvall.se



11 february - 11 march 2017
Solo Exhibition Recent paintings Agardh & Tornvall Gallery, Sibyllegatan 65, Stockholm

patricny   loggia anacpri  



11 june - 18 sept. 2016
Rackstadmuseet, Arvika, Värmland, Sweden. Paintings and watercolours from Grez-sur-Loing, France


manon in garden   photo of a modell   painting watercolour



4 May 2013:
Solo exhibition at Galleri Nils Åberg, Gothenburg, Sweden





23 February - 17 March 2012:
"Recent paintings
by Johan Patricny"
Solo exhibition at
Agardh & Tornvall Gallery,
Stockholm, Sweden.


27 January - 25 March:
"Vårsalongen", Liljevalchs, Stockholm Sweden.

In september 2011 Johan Patricny was featured in the
Swedish magazine "Gods & Gårdar"
Photos by Erika Gerdemark www.gerdemark.se

During the spring of 2011,
Johan Patricny painted the portrait
of the writer Johan Hakelius


In the studio during work on the portrait of Johan Hakelius


1 July-13 September 2009
Realism and Romanticism in Norwegian contemporary art. Exhibition at "Edsvik Konsthall", Sollentuna, Sweden. www.edsvik.com

In connection with the exhibition a book is being published, named "Figurationer". The two authors of the book, the editor Johan Lundberg and the artist Christopher Rådlund are portrayed by Johan Patricny.



Spring 2009
"Byline portraits in graphite for the Swedish magazine named Axess." www.axess.se



April 2009
"Portrait commission of Marianne af Malmborg. Chairwoman of the Royal Society Pro Patria. www.propatria.se


December 2008
"Portrait commission of the Chairman of the Board, Rune Joon, of the Company Leksandsbröd AB."



August 2008
Idyll Symposium.

A five day Symposium at Ramme Gaard, Hvitsten, Norway. Including the composer Marcus Paus, the pianist Joachim Kwetzinsky, the poet Eirik Lodén, the painters Helene Knoop, Christopher Rådlund and Johan Patricny. Petter Olsen the owner of Ramme Gaard, kindly made the invitation. The results of the five day symposium were shown and performed in connection with the music festival at Ramme.





July 2008
Landscape commission in Smedjebacken, Dalecarlia, Sweden.



May 2008: St. Ragnhild
The town of Södertälje, Sweden, commissioned Johan Patricny to make a painting for the newly built Town Hall. He chose to make a portrait of the town´s patron named Saint Ragnhild. According to the myth she is supposed to have lived in the 13th century and was the wife of the King Inge. She is also supposed the have built the first church in town.



March: 2008
Stockholm Art Fair 13-16 March 2008
Represented by Agardh & Tornvall Gallery


February 2008: Paris
The Art Academy of Oslo owns a house with studio in the south of Paris. Former students have the possibility of renting the house. Johan stayed there for one month in february 2008.



Portrait painting workshop
In the spring of 2008, Johan Patricny will be having a portrait painting workshop at The Swedish Academy of Realistic Art: www.ateljestockholm.se


Portrait commission (In August 2007)
In August, The Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Stockholm, Sweden, commissioned Johan Patricny to paint the portrait of the former Minister for Foreign Affairs. Here you can see the portrait....




Exhibition of Johan Patricny´s recent paintings (2007)
The exhibition of Johan Patricny´s recent paintings at Agardh & Tornvall gallery in Stockholm. 4 - 29 October.
Here are some photos of Johan painting during the rainy summer of 2007 in Skåne, Sweden...


foto: David Almer


Axess presents: The Return of Beauty
Where do becoming artists go if they want to learn the basics of traditional painting? Johan Lundberg questions the art education in Sweden and critcizes the art establishment´s parting between beauty and serious art.
Watch the program...

The website of the sculptor Peter Linde, who appears in the program


Comission for HSB
In 2005, HSB Housing Cooperative commissioned Johan Patricny to make six paintings for two newly built buildings in Södertälje, Sweden. In 2007, the paintings were finished and placed in each entrance. The theme of the paintings was landscape scenery from the surrounding area.


HSB Södertälje new production brf Viksäng Strand